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If the kitchen is the most important space in a home, then why not also make it the best place in your home?
Not only is it the hub and most utilized space in the house, it is where the true magic of sharing, communication, and bonding happens. If you don’t agree, check out our blog ( to breakdown reasons why the kitchen holds the title for most important room in a home. Once you’ve read through that, come back to this article and feel inspired to build your dream kitchen.
It’s not going to be easy. Renovating a kitchen is a huge undertaking, but the payoff is completely worth it. If you’re renovating more than just your kitchen, consider your kitchen as the space that will easily be where most of your renovation budget is spent. When you consider what it’s used for and the amount of time the you and your family spend there already, you wouldn’t mind putting in the extra money to designing your kitchen to what you’ve always dreamed it to be. Yes, we want you to have your cake and eat it too!
It doesn’t surprise us that when we are meeting with homeowners, they have spent more money on a kitchen remodel than on any other home improvement project. Designing and remodeling your kitchen can take a few tries if you don’t know what you’re trying to achieve. Our team at Turn Key Renovations will work alongside you to build your dream kitchen and get the job right the first time.
How do you start making your dream kitchen a reality?

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1.  Consider the Functionality of the Space

In designing your dream kitchen, you can easily get lost in where you want to place your light fixtures and the type of countertops you want, but don’t forget to think about the function you wish it to serve. While cooking is the first thing that may come to mind, we encourage you to think beyond just making meals. Keep in mind you have other rooms in the home for different reasons, so not try to think you must do everything in your kitchen either.
Ask yourself these questions: How do you plan on using it every day?
Will you host gatherings that require more space?
How big is your family?
How much storage space will I need?
These are the questions you should be asking yourself to steer you into thinking about the use of your kitchen.

2. Get inspired

At this point, you should have done some preliminary research on the kitchen you are wanting to achieve. Perhaps you’ve already had this dream in your head for years. Even if you don’t know what kind of kitchen layout you want, having some idea of what you want will also help you in selecting the right contractor for the job because you want to choose a renovation company that fits your style, taste, and budget.Ways to get inspired are to browse home improvement and renovation websites. Looking at the bigger picture can get overwhelming. Our team of industry experts recommend that you try breaking down your dream kitchen into different parts and elements. By doing this, you can structure your kitchen to exactly how you want it. You likely won’t find your dream kitchen all in one photo.
If you want a place to start, you can view our Calgary Kitchen Gallery on our Turn Key Renovations & Basements website. Other resources we like to use for kitchen inspiration are HGTV and Pinterest.

3. Do Your Homework

A professional contracting company will be able to give you the best advice in cutting edge kitchen design, but it’s better to come into this renovation project knowing a few details, such as appliances, paint, and lighting to name a few. Check for online reviews of different brands to get a sense of what has worked for others.
Once you’ve devised a plan of action that includes the elements and budget of your dream kitchen, you should begin your search for the right contractor for the renovation job.
At Turn Key Renovations & Basements, from our first meeting with you, our team members will come to your home and do a full review of the space to determine the perfect layout and design that works best for you. This will include scale drawings, measurements and a complete estimate.There are many factors in designing your dream kitchen. The process doesn’t usually happen in one forward motion, as you may experience yourself going back on changing the design and layout. Knowing the functionality of your space can help determine the appliances you will need to serve the space. From here, you will have a better understanding of the layout. Once the layout has been finalized, then you can start to get inspired by the different design elements and styles that could be incorporated in your dream kitchen.
The possibilities are truly endless! With the right team, you and your family can have the dream kitchen you always wanted.

What does your dream kitchen look like?
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