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Structurally, basements are the foundation of a home. Most homes in warmer climates don’t have basements because they aren’t necessary due to moisture issues, but for homes in Calgary and cities alike, basements were developed below the frost line to maintain a home’s strength. Because basement developers must dig deep for setting the foundation of a new home, adding a basement for extra space is at little to no extra cost.

The look and use of basements have transformed over the years to what we know them to be today. From being a space to store extra clutter, to becoming an extension of living space- basements have easily become an important and valued part of a home.

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Before you explore the possibilities and options of your basement, it’s important to explore the benefits of finishing your basement.
We will walk you through the top 3 benefits of a finished basement.

1. Added Space

Probably the most obvious benefit to having a finished basement is the added space. We are not talking about just an extra space to put unwanted furniture and for hiding the mess you don’t want to see on the ground level. A finished and newly renovated basement can provide endless opportunities for space.

At Turn Key Renovations, we have been apart of all kinds of basement development projects to fit every need. When you hire a professional renovation company to do the job properly, a finished basement can double-up your home’s square footage to be able to use that space for whatever you want! For the Calgarian sports adventurer needing storage space to the cold Calgary weekends spent indoors, we can customize a design that fits your lifestyle.

Other common uses of basement spaces are for adding a bedroom, bathroom, entertainment area, and office space, just to name a few.

When undergoing any basement project, it’s important to first focus on what you need and second on the potential added value to your property. Do some research and shop around to see the different basement development companies and what they have to offer.

This brings me to the second benefit of a finished basement.

2. Value of Your Home

Having extra space in your house is a bonus, but with careful planning, you can design a basement that can give you more than just the added space.

A finished basement will give your home added value you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Whether you are on the fence about investing in the basement of your current home, it’s important to keep in mind that any home-improvement project has benefits to you and the future of your home. Basement finishes and renovations are guaranteed improvements that increases home value.

Potential homebuyers are looking for specific features in a home and they want to know that they are getting value for their money. One way to ensure that the potential buyer of your home sees that is by having a beautifully finished basement. Basements are heavily scrutinized during the homebuying process; therefore, a finished and well-maintained basement is crucial in seeing a higher return on renovation costs.

In experiencing a downturn, a finished basement could be the difference in selling quickly and attracting more potential buyers.

If you want to maximize on getting the most value from your basement project costs, connect with our team at Turn Key Renovations to help you customize and design a basement specifically for your home.

3. Extra Income

The last benefit to a finished basement is added income. You can benefit from additional income from your finished basement in two ways.

The first way is by energy saving costs. When you get a basement finished properly, it helps to reduce excess air leaks and undone insulation. This is especially important for the long Calgary winters in reducing the loss of warm air from your home.

The second way to add income from your finished basement is by building an additional suite to be rented out.

Many younger families struggle to accumulate a down payment to buy their own home. For this reason, they turn to rental options. Remodeling your basement to accommodate a separate living space will market to those who aren’t ready to take upon a mortgage of their own.

On the other side, you may be experiencing a bit of a struggle to pay off your own mortgage bills. Having a basement suite to rent out can help with your expenses significantly. It’s a win-win situation that doesn’t happen regularly.  

Not only can this help you during the process of owning your home, it can further increase its value, making it more attractive for future homebuyers.

The basement builders at Turn Key Renovations can transform any basement into a cozy home. Speak to our team to discuss basement development costs and design options that best suits your space and needs.

All in all, investing in your basement has benefits, both short and long term.

The possibilities are endless on what you can create in your own basement. It’s no secret that finishing your basement will increase functional space in your home. It’s important to keep in mind that your home is your investment and any added improvements in your home will help when it’s time to put it on the market.

Now that we have walked you through the benefits of a finished basement, allow our basement development team to handle the rest.

How will you utilize the space of a finished basement?


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